Climate Roadmap 2030

Climate Roadmap 2030

About the Roadmap

The County is embarking on the process of creating the Climate Roadmap 2030 which will outline actions the County and partners will take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

While many of the County's cities have already adopted Climate Action Plans, the Roadmap will serve as a plan to align existing efforts, prioritize actions in unincorporated areas of the County, and help leverage and facilitate regional partnerships to further encourage sustainable and resilient communities. Through the Roadmap, the County hopes to achieve coordinated collaboration to get one step closer to reaching shared sustainability goals.

To do this, the Roadmap will include a 1) countywide greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast, 2) an online interactive map tool that will provide a comprehensive overview of the cities, organizations, institutions, and companies working on climate action in Santa Clara County, 3) community and partner input, and 4) an implementation roadmap.

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Add your feedback to our digital whiteboard by February 1

The County hosted an online community workshop on the Climate Roadmap 2030 on December 16th, 2021. The workshop provided an overview of the Roadmap, an introduction to the potential climate goals for the County, and strategies to achieve those goals. 

For those that were unable to join, you can:

  1. Watch a recording of the event (23 min)
  2. Add your feedback to our digital whiteboard by February 1, 2022, on how we can ensure our strategies are equitable 

An image of the Jamboard from the December 16 webinar

Timeline and Opportunities​​

The Climate Roadmap for 2030 has three overarching project phases. Throughout each project phase, there will be opportunities for stakeholder and community involvement, as illustrated below.​

Aug 10 Santa Clara CCAP Process

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Inventory and Forecast​​

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Forecast Memo

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Forecast Report​

The figure below shows the results of the 2017 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for countywide (left) and unincorporated County (right). 

Emissions inventory pie charts for countywide and unincorporated County

The figure below shows the 2017 unincorporated County inventory (left) and an estimate of emissions for 2030 (right), taking into account job/population growth and state programs that will reduce emissions. State programs alone will not reduce emissions enough for the County to meet its preliminary 2030 target; the County and its partners must implement climate action policies and programs. 

SCC Community CAP Graphics 2017 vs 2030

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Questions, Comments, Concerns?

For more information about the project, please email Breann Boyle, Sustainability Analyst:  [email protected]

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