Government Operations

In 2007, the County signed the Cool Counties Climate Stabilization Declaration and committed to developing Climate Action Plans to meet established greenhouse gas reduction goals. In 2017, the County adopted a Resolution affirming its commitment to the Paris Climate Accord, and in 2018 made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from County operations, facilities, fleet and equipment below 2010 levels with a 13.5% reduction every five years from 2020 onwards to achieve carbon neutrality for County of Santa Clara operations by 2045. In 2019, the County also adopted a Climate Emergency Declaration​ that called for urgent action to address the climate crisis.  

Since then, baseline emission inventories for County government operations have been completed for the years 2​015 and 2019​​. Goals and targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from County operations have been included in the County’s Sustainability Master Plan​.​ More information about sustainability projects for County operations can be found at Facilities and Fleet Sustainability​

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